Venus is the second planet from the Sun and orbits the Sun every 224.7 Earth days. Venus is known as Earth’s Twin sister due to its similar size, and proximity to each other. It has a diameter of 7,520 miles is just 400 miles smaller than that of Earth.

The planet has been named after the Roman goddess of love and Beauty, and after the Earth’s Moon is the brightest natural object in the night Sky.

Venus’s atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide and the clouds of Venus are filled with sulphuric acid. After the water which was on Venus was evaporated over 300 million years by the Sun heat, as the Sun’s heat increase as the Sun left its infancy stage of development.

Like the planet Uranus, Venus is the only other planet to rotate from east to west, and it rotates so slowly that it orbits the Sun faster than it make a complete rotation on its axis, making its days longer than its year.

Venus Computer Simulated Global View Centered at 90 Degrees East Longitude NASA

SDO’s Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit